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200 hr yoga teacher training

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Serenbe Yoga + Body works is excited to announce a 200 hour yoga teacher training, certified by Yoga Alliance, and held in Serenbe at our home studio. The training will begin Spring of 2020, with programming held one weekend a month for eight months. After completing our training, you will be able to teach vinyasa flow classes with a focus on alignment. You also will come away with a solid foundation that sets you up for success.

Nick Combs, Registered Nurse and owner of M3Yoga in Athens, GA will be your facilitator. Nick's vast knowledge in Anatomy and all things yoga, paired with his ability to convey material in a relatable, thorough yet easily digestible manner, makes this 200 hour training experience unlike no other. Read Nick's bio here.

The training will encompass the whole yoga teacher experience: from teaching, to marketing yourself, to human anatomy, to history and philosophy. On top of the wide topics covered, the training is also designed to get you teaching fast and often.

Early Bird Specials!

First 5 registrants receive $500 off!

Next 5 registrants receive $250 off!

**This deposit is non-refundable.


The Training


Smart Sequencing + Intelligent Cueing

Learn how to structure a class and how to effectively take students through it using verbal cueing and intentional space holding.


Teaching Voice + Styles

Discover how to hold space. This is the M3Yoga Center difference. You will be able to create an experience for your students as opposed to “just another class.“ Get exposed to different styles of yoga like Rocket, vinyasa, yin, therapeutic, etc.


Human anatomy + safe modifications

Explore how to modify and adjust based on different bodies and physical limitations and learn WHY you are doing it.


Pranayama + Meditation

Find out how to teach pranayama on its own and also how to incorporate pranayama into your classes.


Yoga history + philosophy

Dive into the history of yoga through studying texts like the Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras and the different philosophical approaches, i.e. vedanta, sankhya, etc.


Asana + pose breakdowns

Learn anatomical and pose type (twists, standing, forward folds, etc) as they’re broken down into terms you can understand and how to use them to safely guide students.



When is the 200 hour yoga teacher training held?

  • May 30 + 31

  • Jun 27 + 28

  • Jul 25 + 26

  • Aug 22 + 23

  • Sept 12 + 13

  • Oct 10 + 11

  • Nov 7 + 8

  • Dec 5 + 6

Weekends: Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm + Once per month Zoom call with Nick
So that you can become a yoga teacher and keep your busy life.

How much does training cost?

Total Investment: $2,659 (Be one of the first 5 to sign up to save $500!)

Payment can be made over time, but must be complete prior to the training.
An initial, nonrefundable $500 deposit secures your spot.
The cost of the training covers training materials (minus books), venue costs and instructor time.

Do I have to pay it all at once?

No! You certainly can pay all at once, but we also let you split up the payments in the months leading up to the training. We can work with you to make it around $200 per month. This allows you to still sign up for the training without the stress of paying for it immediately upfront.

Are there any other expenses besides the training cost?

Our trainees have a list of readings that will help deepen their training and practices. These books can be purchased or you can borrow them using the library system to request copies.

What makes this training different from others?

On top of our weekend module format making the training accessible to students, those who work, or those with families, the 200 hour training also was designed and is led by a registered nurse and yoga teacher. That means you're taught the body by someone who professionally healed it.

Our training encompasses the whole yoga teacher experience: from teaching to marketing yourself to human anatomy to history and philosophy.

On top of the wide topics covered, the training is also designed to get you teaching fast and often. Some trainings wait days or weeks for you to start practice teaching, which doesn't give you as much time to hone your skills. We start in weekend 1 cueing poses and learning to command a room. Your abilities on blossom further from there.

**This deposit is non-refundable.